World's End

Old Friends, Long Forgotten
If only everyone had a Truth-Telling Axe

The adventure begins with the players spending their evening at The One Eyed Troll, a tavern of World’s End in the slums of the Low Docks. Beer seemed to be the drink of choice, except for an unfortunate soul, half passed out who was sipping Two Orks and a Cup. The entertainment of the evening seemed to be sipping one’s drink pensively while eying everyone else in the bar suspiciously. Such activity is usual entertainment for a night out in the Low Docks.

Unbeknownst to each other at the time, our cast of characters included:

  • A forgettable bard named Olivado
  • His impressive looking, and intimidating Genasi bodyguard
  • A powerful barbarian slave of the Genasi race named Electra
  • A reticent looking Drow
  • A suspicious looking (yet endearing) Halfling named Anderson
  • His powerful and noble looking Dragonborn companion named Kyla Stonebreaker
  • A pitful no-one of a man named Pamphilos

Surrounded by rabble of the town of Low Docks, most of the drinkers seemed happy to set out the night sipping their drinks and staring. The bard and his bodyguard, however, seemed to be waiting for something or someone to appear.

Do I Know You?

The chain of events for the evening, got off to a start as the warrior Kyla failed in a less than subtle attempt at concealing her staring across the room at the bard. She seemed unable to take her eyes off him, nor did she do a particularly good job of covering it up. Thrown, her best response was to tell him how much she liked his “Instrument”.

The bard, not one to let something slide, joined her at the table that she and Anderson shared. The conversation, though full of suspicion and poor bluffing, was amiable, and all appeared well until Moebius strode through the door. Dark purple with markings across his body, quiet and mysterious, he had an immediate impact on the tavern. The mood shifted and all fell quiet as he moved to the bar.

He ordered his drink. Everyone in the tavern (besides the nearly passed-out loser mumbling at his ‘Axe’) noticed the strange markings on his palms. Burned into the palms of his hands, almost like stigmata was an image of an asp wrapped around a dagger, surrounded by a bloody heart.

Uncomfortable in the silence, the Deva sat with the madman and his axe. Disjointed conversation ensued, but as the bard made to move to the table to inquire about the markings on the Deva’s hands, trouble walked through the door.

More Friends Than You Ever Knew You Had

A small Gnome named Grep, accompanied by a huge half-orc body guard confronted Oliviado about an unfortunate squabble between the Cutpurse and Smuggler’s guild. Apparently the bard was involved in an ‘incident’ where he was in charge of moving along some ‘property’ that the Cutpurse Guild claimed as theirs. Apparently the bard did well for himself, as they claimed he had slain five of their thugs in the confrontation.

After the bard, performed a small piece in honor of their meeting (and wooing the other watchers in the bar) the Gnome gave his ultimatum. Demanding the item back, the Gnome offered the bard a way out of the conflict. The bard refused to meet the Gnome’s demands, so the Gnome sic’d his bodyguard on the bard, totally underestimating the number of ‘friends’ that would come to the bard’s aid. Apparently the bard was surprised as well.

The fight went poorly for the Half-Orc, who was besieged by the Genasi bodyguard, the Slave, Kyla, Anderson and the Drow. The Gnome pulled some magic on the bard and successfully injured and stunned him, but it was not enough as Pamphilos and the Bard teamed up on the arcanist. Others in the tavern, obviously plants of the Cutpurse Guild came to the Gnome and Half-Orcs aid, but to little avail.

The fight moved quickly, and it appeared that the the new odd alliance of heroes would win with no problem, when the real threat appeared overhead. Leaping from a second story open staircase onto a chandelier, a hooded, cloaked magic user found a perfect location to throw down mage fire on those below. Focused on the bard, the killer aimed most of its magic, doing significant damage to Olivado and Anderson, who was unfortunately standing just a little too close to her target.

Those below scattered as they attempted to throw spells, swords, daggers and fire crossbow bolts at the figure above. Eventually the combined firepower overwhelmed the figure who jumped back to the staircase to attempt a final, killing blow on the bard. Instead she was killed by Electra who sent the killer dying as she fell over the edge of the staircase to the floor below.

The Mystery

The group gathered at the center of the bloody inn, congregating around the cloaked body. Searching through its robes they discovered that the figure was tattoo’d with the asp and dagger, just like the palms of the Deva’s hands. Calob, the tavernkeeper, explained that the tattoo was one used by the Assassin’s Guild. The group was shaken by this new knowledge, and horrified by the realization (explained by the Calob) that they were now fugitives, soon to be hunted by the Cutpurse guild and the Assassins. Realizing that trying to escape from Low Docks was a futile endeavor the group decided to stick together and reconvene at a safehouse, a familiar hideout of Olivado down under the docks.

Slowly, carefully, in groups of two and three, they slipped out the door of the tavern, into the streets, slinking their way to temporary safety under the docks.

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