There are places in Altheus that a person doesn’t want to call home.

There are of course the snake-infested jungles of Mesopatan, or the bone-chilling expanses of windswept Eternal Wastes, and no one would contest the hellish demon pits of the Screaming Void.

The Low Docks of World’s End, compared to the likes of these, may not be the worst place to call home, but it can be counted among them.

You see…the Low Docks is its own particular type of hell.

Legend says that with their hands busy with all creation, the Gods had to let something slip, and that something was the Low Docks.

Legend maybe, but those that have walked its streets swear that the slums serve no heavenly lords.

Home to smugglers, thieves, whores and assassins, the Low Docks can bring wealth to the quick and death to the unwary.

No one visits the Low Docks without some vice in mind, some little treachery or some little sin.

Because of this, in the Low Docks, no one will ever ask you your business. Sin is better left unsaid.

There are those who ask, however, can there be sin in a city that the Gods have forgotten?

Others counter though, that you can’t help but sin in the Low Docks.

You see, in the Low Docks, the worst sin of all is the sin of being born.

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World's End

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